Hosting the International Moon Day 2024 Main Event


In December 2021, the United Nations General Assembly 76th Session declared that International Moon Day was to be observed annually every 20 July. Proposed by the Moon Village Association as an annual educational, cultural and scientific event. International Moon Day is designed to raise awareness among the public and generate support for sustainable lunar exploration and utilization. To achieve this, the IMD Group encourages and promotes events around the globe during the week surrounding 20 July. These include community panel discussions, lectures, webinars, concerts, exhibits and screenings of educational videos.

International Moon Day was first celebrated in 2022. More than forty global events from 23 different countries, and one main event were successfully observed with a theme of Lunar Coordination, Exploration and Sustainability. 

The inaugural IMD main event was staged at Drake State Community & Technical College, Huntsville, Alabama. It was attended by esteemed dignitaries in the industry.

The programme and video recording can be found at:

In 2023, the International Moon Day was celebrated for the second time at the Korean National Science Museum at Gwacheon.

For 2024, proposal submissions will be via invitation only.

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