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At International Moon Day, we are passionate about the future of lunar exploration and your role within it. Whatever your achievements, ambitions or dreams, we want to help you connect with the public. We intend to use the UN approved International Moon Day on 20 July every year to highlight a year-round effort to engage the public with accurate information about the status and benefits of a globally inclusive lunar exploration effort.

Our goal is to prepare the world for the reality of lunar exploration by emphasising the economic and cultural value this will bring to all societies from all parts of the world who decide to take part. At the heart of a society’s economic health are its industries. We want to partner with companies who see the Moon as the future of a thriving lunar economy. International Moon Day intends to foster public support across all demographics by answering the question, “What does lunar exploration do for us?”

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Ms. Glafki Antoniou glafki.antoniou@internationalmoonday.org

What is International Moon Day?

International Moon Day takes place on the anniversary of the first landing by humans on the Moon, as  part of the American Apollo 11 lunar mission, but it very much looks to the future. It is designed to celebrate the ambitions of all those who see the Moon as a part of their future – or have the wish to  do so – by raising public awareness of sustainable lunar exploration and economic utilisation for all. 

Why the UN backs International Moon Day

From the very beginning of the Space Age, the United Nations recognised that outer space added a  new dimension to humanity’s existence. It has striven continuously to utilise the unique benefits of  outer space for the betterment of all humankind. 

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is the United Nations office responsible  for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. UNOOSA serves as the  secretariat for the General Assembly’s only committee dealing exclusively with international  cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space: the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses  of Outer Space (COPUOS). 

Who Organises International Moon Day?

The Moon Village Association (MVA) submitted an application during the UN-COPUOS 64th Session, for the  recognition of International Moon Day (IMD) on July 20. The application was approved on 9 December 2021  by the UN General Assembly. 

The Moon Village Association (MVA) is a non-governmental organisation based in Vienna. Its goal is  the creation of a permanent global informal forum for governments, industry, academia and the public  interested in the exploration of the Moon. It comprises more than 600 participants from more than 50 countries and 33 Institutional members around the globe, representing a diverse array of technical,  scientific, cultural and interdisciplinary fields.

MVA partners with non-space organizations to promote international discussions and formulation of  plans to foster the implementation of the Moon Village and is creating international, national and  regional networks to engage civil society around the world. 

The MVA has established the IMD group to support and contribute to its implementation of the day. Now, stakeholders from across the world are now invited to organize events for IMD, and register those events on the IMD website to increase their visibility and foster future cooperation.

The Audience for International Moon Day

Our audience is the human population at large. We all look at the same Moon; it is the common  heritage of all humankind. We all dream about the future and what it might hold. With the cost of  space exploration tumbling, there has never been a better time for individuals, companies and  governments to look to space to realise their dreams of a better future. 

We no longer live in a world where only global superpowers can think of visiting the Moon. Never in  history has there been such a global interest from so many countries in exploring Earth’s nearest  neighbour. Never has there been such an opportunity to bring nations from all geographical locations  together in the common aim of peaceful exploration. By partnering with IMD, you signal to the world  your intention to be part of this effort. 

Beyond the traditional space agencies and aerospace companies, lunar exploration will increasingly  involve previously Earth-bound industries and services: automotive companies and other technology,  insurance and finance sectors, service providers – all will play a role as we develop the human and  robotic presence on the lunar surface. And they will potentially come from all countries in the world. 

No longer will the Moon be a remote circle of light in the night sky, it will be a vibrant place of  exploration and adventure. It will inspire young and old alike, especially as the missions will be  performed in the name of peace, friendship and commerce. 

How International Moon Day will amplify your Message

The images and stories from the future lunar missions will capture the world’s imagination as never  before, and International Moon Day will help you amplify your ambition to a global audience through  our network of event organizers. At the inaugural International Moon Day on 20 July 2022, 38 events in 25 countries celebrated the Moon as a venue for peaceful exploration and global collaboration. 

In 2023, we are on track to double the number of events and countries reached.

As we move into subsequent years, we intend to grow this network. Working with these highly  motivated individuals and organisations to engage the wider public in the how and why of lunar  exploration. 

More than Just a Day

Beyond the day itself, IMD aims to create a vibrant international community, brought together under a  single brand with as many fascinating stories to tell as there are plans and opinions about lunar  exploration. A lively website will foster year-round engagement by providing top quality outreach  materials in the form of articles, interviews, podcasts, and videos. Through a sustained  communications campaign, we will become a trusted source of information to the public about lunar  exploration and the Moon’s place in the many diverse cultures around the world. 

Our sponsorship programme allows you to be a part of this effort. Talk to us today to see how we can  help each other to foster your involvement.

Be part of the next giant leap for humankind. Together we can make the Moon a laboratory for trade and peace.

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For questions please contact Ms. Glafki Antoniou glafki.antoniou@internationalmoonday.org

Be part of the next giant leap for humankind. Together we can make the Moon a laboratory for trade and peace.