[Pakistan] Mastruk Jagek (Observing the Moon)

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[Pakistan] Mastruk Jagek (Observing the Moon)

July 20, 2022 @ 20:00 23:00

July 20, Online

Celebrating the first IMD2022 – International Moon Day and also this is going to be the first astronomical cultural heritage preserving event in Pakistan.

This indigenous tradition of Kalasha meteorological and astronomical knowledge system and practice – was enacted predominantly in the Hindu Kush mountain range. Mastruk Jagek based on the observation of the moon, and shadows or phases of the moon with respect to the local topography. The system is a complex structure of empirically observed knowledge and is repeatedly referenced to allow the Kalasha indigenous people of Asia to predict the appropriate time for sowing seeds, animal husbandry and natural calamities. It is also used to govern the Kalasha calendar by determining the dates of important social events, festivals, feasts, and religious ceremonies. The practice demonstrates the relationship of the Kalasha people with their surroundings and the importance of their immediate geographical context to sustain their way of life.

DATE: 20-JULY-2022  

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