Lunar Horizons: Exploring the Future of Moon Science – USA

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Lunar Horizons: Exploring the Future of Moon Science – USA

July 20, 2023 @ 08:00 17:00

We present to you a metaverse event to take place in the multi-user metaverse environment at the ExoTesla Moon Village on SPATIAL.IO, as one of the Global Events of the Moon Village Association during the International Moon Day 2023, July 20th 2023.
This event aims to provide an immersive experience, featuring an auditorium for lectures, spaces for debates, and an opportunity for participants to explore Moon scenery in virtual reality (VR) accessible through web browsers and mobile devices.
Interested speakers and presenters of Moon Science and Art posters for the expo can contact the organization with their material at :

Event Title: “Lunar Horizons: Exploring the Moon Village”
Date: International Moon Day 20nd July, 2023
Venue: ExoTesla Simulation Space in the multi-user metaverse environment
Expected Number of Participants: 50+ (maximum 50 concurrent users for one virtual world instance)
Time Duration: 90+ Minutes in 3 time zones (Asia, Europe, Americas)

Event Objectives:

  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and discussion on Moon science themes among members of the Moon Village Association.
  • Foster collaboration and networking opportunities among participants.
  • Promote the use of emerging technologies, such as VR, for enhancing the understanding of lunar landscapes and habitats.
  • Encourage dialogue on the future of lunar exploration and the Moon Village concept.

Event Schedule:

Opening Session (Virtual Auditorium):

  • Welcome address by a representative of the Moon Village Association.
  • Overview of the event objectives and schedule.
  • Introduction to the ExoTesla Simulation space and instructions on accessing the virtual environment.

Lecture (Auditorium):

  • Invited experts deliver lecture on Moon science topics, including recent discoveries, lunar exploration missions, and sustainable living on the Moon.
  • Q&A sessions after each lecture to engage participants in discussions.
  • Breakout spaces within the virtual environment designated for debates and panel discussions.
  • Pre-selected topics related to lunar science, exploration, and future missions.
  • Participants can engage in lively debates, share perspectives, and propose solutions.

Moon Scenery Exterior Excursion (Virtual Reality):

  • Utilize VR technology to enable participants to explore realistic simulations of lunar landscapes and habitats.
  • Accessible through web browsers and mobile devices, allowing flexibility and widespread participation.
  • Guided tours and interactive elements to enhance the experience.

Space Art and Science Expo:

  • Showcase your Moon research posters: We offer dedicated panels in our Metaverse space for displaying Moon research posters.
    Share your findings, discoveries, and insights with a global audience of space enthusiasts and experts.
  • Exhibit space art: Express your creativity and passion for space exploration through art. Our Metaverse provides panels where
    you can exhibit space-themed artwork, fostering a visual celebration of the wonders of the cosmos.
  • Engage with the community: By participating in the poster expo and art exhibition, you have the opportunity to engage with a
    diverse community of researchers, artists, and space enthusiasts.

Moon History Museum:

  • The Moon History Museum Metaverse space is a captivating addition to The ExoTesla Moon Village, offering a unique opportunity to explore
    the rich history of lunar exploration.
  • Immerse yourself in a virtual environment that showcases the remarkable achievements and milestones of human space exploration on the Moon.
  • Discover the fascinating story of the Moon’s formation, its geological features, and the scientific discoveries made through lunar missions.
  • Engage with interactive exhibits that bring the Moon’s history to life, providing an educational and informative experience for visitors.

Lunar Biosphere :

  • Within the Lunar Biosphere, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and knowledge exchange on various Moon science themes
    related to space farming.

Networking and Collaboration Sessions (Virtual Lounges):

  • Virtual lounges and gathering spaces for participants to connect with fellow attendees.
  • Opportunities for informal discussions, networking, and exchanging ideas.
  • Facilitated matchmaking sessions to encourage collaboration among participants with complementary interests and expertise.

Technical Requirements:

  • Multi-user metaverse platform capable of accommodating 50 simultaneous participants.
  • Auditorium with presentation capabilities, including screens, microphones, and video streaming.
  • Debate spaces with features to support interactive discussions.
  • Meta Quest VR compatibility through SPATIAL.IO, also accessible through web browsers and mobile devices via ANDROID and IOS app.
  • Virtual lounges for networking and collaboration.
  • Technical support staff to assist participants with accessing and navigating the virtual environment.
  • Good internet connectivity

Event link accessible via web browsers :
Virtual Reality and Mobile users search for the world named “EXOTESLA Moon Village” in SPATIAL.IO app Meta Quest or Android/IOS

New York, United States