Guillermo Trotti

Guillermo Trotti, president of Trotti & Associates, Inc. (, he is an architect and industrial designer. His work covers a wide range of fields, from the International Space Station, to the South Pole Station, and Lunar Bases, to sustainable architecture projects from the Caribbean to Japan. He has circumnavigated the Earth in his sailboat, and explored every continent on Spaceship Earth.

Co-Founder and President of EarthDNA (, a non-profit organization founded by leaders in aerospace and design, world-renown experts in getting humanity to new heights. As we face the greatest collective threat to our home planet, humanity now needs the equivalent of an Earth Operating System. Using cutting edge technology to empower individuals, policy makers, and industries to engage in climate action.

He teaches Space Architecture at the Arizona State University School of Design where he is co-founding a new Master’s degree Program in Space and Extreme Environments Architecture. He is a co-founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture at the University of Houston. He has also, founded the Space Studio at the Industrial Design Department at Rohde Island School of Design. Trotti has lectured around the globe on Architecture for space and other extreme environments, sustainable design, and advanced structures.

He is a Governing Member of the International Space University. He served in various space committees of the National Academies, National Research Council. His undergraduate thesis “Counterpoint: A Lunar Colony” is part of the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum permanent collection, and his Master’s degree from Rice University was on Space Stations Design. His work has been exhibited in major museums in the USA and Europe.