[Greece] COSPAR-22-B3.1: Lunar Science and Exploration

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[Greece] COSPAR-22-B3.1: Lunar Science and Exploration

July 20, 2022 @ 08:00 17:00

July 20, In person


The UN GA has declared the 20th of July as the International Moon Day. This will be celebrated for the first time at COSPAR 2022. Representatives from the Moon Village Association, the Cyprus Space Research Organization, Lockheed Martin, and International Lunar Exploration Working Group will present the importance of this day.

George A. Danos – Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), Cyprus
Bernard H. Foing – Leiden Observatory, Leiden, Netherlands
David Murrow – Lockheed Martin Space, United States

Space Studies of the Earth-Moon System, Planets, and Small Bodies of the Solar System (B) Lunar Science and Exploration (B3.1) 



Since the start of our Millennium, lunar science and exploration experienced a broad renaissance with more than 12 orbiters and 5 landers sent to the Moon from multiple space-faring nations. Building on this growing experience, the next “International Lunar Decade” envisions a diverse range of small to large missions that include cubesats, landers, orbiters, sample return, and eventually human-robotic partnership in lunar exploration on the surface. This involves multiple countries and commercial endeavors, resulting in a robotic network and then functional human ‘village’ of lunar activities. COSPAR-22-B3.1 “Lunar Science and Exploration” will include invited, contributed, and poster papers, with sub-sessions:

1) Results from Recent Lunar Missions and integrated analyses: progress in lunar science from recent missions, latest science results, new insight into our understanding of the Moon, modelling and synthesis of different scientific data, and new science questions (of, from and on the Moon).

2) Concepts, studies, technology and support research towards future lunar exploration and science: new lunar mission concepts, instrumentation for the future missions, use of the next lunar decade of landers, and preparations for human lunar exploration are welcome in this session.

COSPAR-22-B3.1 will also be ICEUM17A, part of 17th International Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon from the ILEWG ICEUM series started in 1994.

Main Scientific Organizer
Carle Pieters, Brown University

Deputy Organizer:
Bernard H. Foing, Leiden Observatory

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