IMD Preparatory Event – Future opportunities right to Moon exploration (FOR ME) 2023

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IMD Preparatory Event – Future opportunities right to Moon exploration (FOR ME) 2023

July 8, 2023 @ 08:00 July 20, 2023 @ 17:00

Future opportunities right to moon exploration (FOR ME)

FOR ME consists of an event where we will cover the potential opportunities of lunar exploration with the motto of “equality, innovation, and sustainability in coordination” in line with the “Beginning the New Lunar Journey for Humanity” theme determined for the International Lunar Day 2023.

  • Equality : Emphasis is placed on the importance of human equality in the space age, from disadvantaged groups in society to countries that have not completed their development in the international community. Suggestions are made to increase participation and interest in this subject.
  • Innovation : In addition to the more traditional elements that satisfy us such as nature, environment, camping, space, and the Moon, we step into the world of Metaverse, such innovative technologies are included in the project and even the photography exhibition is integrated into these developments. The virtual exhibition in the Metaverse environment and the transfer of photographs to the NFT environment exemplify this integration.
  • Sustainability : Emphasis is placed on the necessity of sustaining the paths pursued in space – and especially lunar – activities. If sustainable work can be achieved in lunar studies, it will be tried to facilitate the discoveries that can be made farther. Sustainable development is also emphasized while evaluating the opportunities that can be offered by the exploration of the lunar facilities regarding the earth and lunar life.

In the first part, we will organize a space camp. One of the projects we plan to carry out as Altair Association is ASOR: Altair Space Observation and Research Projects. And activities such as observation and astrophotography will already be carried out within the scope of this project. Again, as Altair, we attach great importance to raising awareness about International Moon Day and space activities. For this reason, it will make us very happy to dedicate one of our events to the International Moon Day as part of ASOR.

Our camp day will start on the morning of July 15 and end on July 16. There will be social activities, nature walks, games and competitions throughout the camp, as well as a conversation with our special guests by the fire on the evening of July 15. Space and moon observations will be made from the time of the moonrise, and space photographs will be taken that include the Moon in its composition.

During the “ASOR Lunar Camp 2023 – 2nd Moon Day Special” event, both space observations and Moon photographs will be taken. The importance of the Moon for the Earth will be explained with the emphasis on equality, innovation, and sustainability through guest trainers.

Our camp event, which we tested ourselves by holding a quota of 15 people last year, is planned to be held with a participation quota of 100 people this year. Professional shootings including the use of drone, gymbal and similar equipment will be made from the beginning to the end of the camp, and a behind-the-scenes documentary of the camp event will also be shot and broadcast.

And the photos to be taken at the event can be exhibited both in the physical and metaverse environment and sold as NFT. The photographs can be exhibited at the entrance of the FOR ME event hall when the FOR ME project presented to MVA by the Altair Association is realized.

This event will contribute to space observation activities, which are not organized much in our country, and will facilitate learning about the International Moon Day, which has never been heard of in our country, by exhibiting the Moon photographs to be taken in various environments. And if we succeed in attracting participants from disadvantaged groups, we will also place a very important emphasis on equality in space studies.

After the Camp, a webinar will be held with 1 or 2 speaker on “Metaverse” through Metaverse and its definitions, law, platforms, opportunities, and the future expectations on July 20,

During the actual day of IMD, the Metaverse exhibition and the physical exhibition will be opened as the closing event, and the photographs taken at the camp will be included in our NFT collection with the signatures of the photographers on July 20.

The target audience of this event is everyone aged 18 and over who is interested in space, especially young professionals. 

Since astrophotography, and space studies do not receive enough attention in our country, this event is important to increase the interest in these fields and raise awareness. On this occasion, the introduction of the International Moon Day will also be possible.

While our sponsorship negotiations continue, a sponsor and a strategic partner have been identified so far. With other sponsorships to come, the event will be improved in terms of infrastructure, equipment and other organizational aspects.