[Egypt] – International Moon Day: A Journey around the Moon

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[Egypt] – International Moon Day: A Journey around the Moon

July 20, 2022 @ 08:00 17:00

July 20, In person, Cairo

Our nearest natural satellite shines brightly in clear night skies providing an optimal stargazing target for amateur astronomers. To celebrate the Moon and the lunar landing on the 20th of July, we propose a dynamicevent that takes participants on a journey around the Moon. The event will delve into the history of the Moon and its formation, discussessential astronomical concepts, and provide a space flight perspective. Thereby, it will combine astronomy and space into one productiveevent that guarantees engagement from attendees. 

The event will comprise two main segments. The first part is a series of lectures that handle the Moon and its ecosystem froman astronomical and space exploration perspective. The Egyptian Society for Astronomy will provide the astronomical lecture (about the Moon, its history, composition, and environment), whereas professional aerospace engineers will handle the space exploration part (about lunar space flights and missions and future lunar projects as well).

Finally, a stargazing evening will conclude the event. Using amateur telescopes, attendees will observe Moon’s surface and examine its terrestrial landscape, such as mountain chains and craters. Simultaneously, Apollo landing areas will be pin pointed and showed to participants. 

By holding this event, we seek to raise more interest in spaceandastronomy and encourage the public to think more about the Moonandfuture projects that are coming into action.

MISR Public Library, Cairo

MVA Egypt

Egyptian Society for Astronomy

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4 Al Tahawia, Ad Doqi A
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