Analog Missions and Arts Initiative, and the Overview Effect Workshop

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Analog Missions and Arts Initiative, and the Overview Effect Workshop

July 22, 2023 @ 15:00 17:00

The event will showcase the Analogue Missions and Arts activity that is organized by the Kuwait MVA team. The Analogue missions and Arts initiative is an innovative idea that aims to investigate the effect of isolation using artworks. It is a bottom – up approach aiming to involve Kuwait in moon activities. This event is a great opportunity for the Kuwait MVA team to showcase the Analogue Missions and Arts activity. The activity is already a result of international organizations and the IMD will foster and potentially expand partnerships.

Art is an unspoken language that every human can understand. During the IMD event, young Kuwaitis will try to communicate their feelings as travelers to the moon using artworks, which is expected to be impactful to encourage like-minded colleagues to come up with similar activities.

In addition, the event might also be impactful to the wider international space and arts
community due to the innovative and unique idea of the activity.

Advance Space Civilization Initiative is a new space Start up from Kuwait. They offer educational space materials. The core workshop offered by ASCI is the Overview Effect workshop. Inspired by the Overview Effect and other philosophical concepts like astronautical humanism, the aim of the workshop is to communicate the urgency of expanding humanity to outer space for general public. The second part of the webinar explains more about the Overview Effect Workshop.

Program of the webinar:

  • Analog Missions and Arts
    • Arts and Space by Ghanim Alotaibi
    • Arts performed before and during the analog mission by Abdulaziz Alareedh, Nouf Algharabally and Nada Alotaibi
    • Q&A
  • The Overview Effect Workshop by Ghanim

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