2024 Lunar Development Conference

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2024 Lunar Development Conference

July 20 @ 17:00 July 21 @ 23:00

Moon Society’s Lunar Development Conference 2024

Brought to you by ISRUtech Sweden AB

Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21

The 2024 Lunar Development Conference (LDC2024) will bring together speakers from science, business, space policy, advocacy, and academia who will present their research and ideas for the human future of Luna. This years conference is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Artemis Society International. Artemis Society International was the precursor of the Moon Society and an early initiative for resuming Human presence on the moon with the eventual goal of permanent settlement.

Inevatibly, we will spend some time looking back at what plans were then and how they have developed since. Also unavoidable, we will be looking ahead – exciting times what will happen in the future and how will settlement of the moon, the solar system and beyond evolve in the future. But as exciting as both looking back on past glories and looking forward towards future opportunities are, the key aim of this years conference is to take stock and look at what can we do next. Thus, if you want to share memories of the past, please also look at what position those have created for continued lunar development today, and similarly, regardless of how long term or imminent your plans or ideas for a Lunar future is, please take some time to look at what do we need to do right now in order to get there within your visualised time frame!

This event is part of the Moon Society tradition of successful annual Lunar Development Conferences which have brought together hundreds of attendees and scores of speakers including CEOs, professors, business professionals, legal and policy experts, and a wide range of ideas and opinions. All sessions from from earlier LDCs, from 2020 and onwards, are available for on-demand viewing on the Moon Society YouTube channel.

The 2024 Lunar Development Conference is organised by ISRUtech and Moonbase Lappträsk.


  • Conference dates
    • Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21, 2024
  • Call for papers
    • Speakers are invited to submit suggested presentations niklas@moonsociety.org, preferably together with a onepager abstract in the format described in the call for papers. Submissions will be assessed quickly and, since the programme is currently filled, either put on a waiting list or returned with a motivation.
  • Times
    • 8am – 2pm Pacific / 5pm – 11pm CEST
    • WorldTimeBuddy (worldtimebuddy.com) is an easy way to figure out times across multiple time zones.
  • Format
    • Virtual – Moon Society members will be emailed links to attend the conference along with complete instructions. Local events/watch parties may be arranged, please let us know if you are interested in attending or organising.
  • Registration
    • No registration is necessary, since the conference is a membership benifit. Simply join the Moon Society and you will be emailed all the information you need.
  • Book of abstracts
    • Available here, and will be updated frequently as new abstracts come in.


Stockholm, Sweden