Call for Proposals to host the 2023 International Moon Day Main Event

Applications are now open to host the 2023 International Moon Day Main Event. The International Moon Day (IMD) is held once annually on 20 July as mandated by the United Nation to commemorate humanity’s achievement of taking the first step on the Moon in 1969. The IMD is co-organised by the Moon Village Association (MVA).


In December 2021, the United Nations General Assembly 76th Session declared that International Moon Day was to be observed annually every 20 July. Proposed by the Moon Village Association as an annual educational, cultural and scientific event. International Moon Day is designed to raise awareness among the public and generate support for sustainable lunar exploration and utilization. To achieve this, the IMD Group encourages and promotes events around the globe during the week surrounding 20 July. These include community panel discussions, lectures, webinars, concerts, exhibits and screenings of educational videos.

International Moon Day was first celebrated in 2022. More than forty global events from 23 different countries, and one main event were successfully observed with a theme of Lunar Coordination, Exploration and Sustainability. 

The inaugural IMD main event was staged at Drake State Community & Technical College, Huntsville, Alabama. It was attended by esteemed dignitaries in the industry.

The programme and video recording can be found at:

For 2023, we invite all interested organizations or institutions across the world to submit proposals to host the 2023 (2nd) International Moon Day Main Event.

The theme of IMD 2023 is “Beginning the New Lunar Journey for Humanity”. This Theme has been chosen to highlight the steady increase of lunar missions and their relevance for humanity.

Eligibility for participation in the Call

A proposal can be made by a notable institution or organization who advocates for the awareness of sustainable lunar exploration.      

What is expected from a proposer

  1. Credibility of the organizer to have organized similar events and to identify the relevant sponsors to support the event
  2. Tentative dates of the event, preferably on the exact date of IMD Celebration (20 July) or multiple events preceding it
  3. Thorough description of the proposed event
  4. Proposed location for the event, with the capacity to accommodate at least 100-150 people; and/or a television studio
  5. Arrangements for video recording and streaming of the event through the IMD YouTube channel
  6. Promotional Campaign coordinated with MVA & IMD

What is expected from MVA and IMD Group vis-à-vis a bidder-winner

  1. Upload information on the IMD website
  2. Confirmation of the dates and venue, as well as schedule for event planning and preparation
  3. Advertising campaign, in particular using the IMD website and relevant international mass media, as well as massive emailing etc.
  4. Permission to use the IMD logo in the event-related materials

Contractual aspects

No contract is foreseen, as there will be no exchange of funds between the Organiser and MVA. The event should not have any financial liability for MVA.

Submission deadline and subsequent procedure

Proposals by potential bidders should be submitted to:
Glafki Antoniou (,
with copy to Dr. Nasr Alsahhaf (
by 25 February 2023, midnight CET.

An evaluation process will be carried out by the MVA. The evaluation will take into account the requested information as indicated above. The selection result will be announced on 20 March 2023.